Monsters: About Magical Creatures and The Sounds They Make by Jorun Modén

Vidunder av Jorun Modén, Henrik Tamm och Peter Bergting

Vidunder: Magiska väsen och deras läten
(Monsters: About Magical Creatures and The Sounds They Make by Jorun Modén and Henrik Tamm) is a book about fairy-tale beings, mythical beings and monsters, but also about the noises and sounds they make. Author Jorun Modén has evaluated documents from the Middle Ages but also modern-day sightings and folk beliefs. The book is a treasure trove packed with hints and facts about dragons, trolls, elves, giants, fairies and many others. Every page is beautifully illustrated by Henrik Tamm and Peter Bergting, and the soundtrack were recorded by Nakatomi Productions.

Vidunder/ Creatures: About Magical Beasts and their Sounds is currently only available in Swedish – for more information please contact the publisher Max Ström. If you live in Scandinavia you can order a copy of this beautiful book from most bookstore, or online:

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